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          Wuxi M.Far Automation Industry Co.,Ltd.is a high tech enterprise founded by a group of automation experts and academic leaders. We engage in the research&development, production and sales of automatic control and driving devices. Our company is one of the board members of China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application and listed in Top 100 Enterprises of China Automatic Control Industry.
           Our research&development center covers 2000㎡ and the production workshop covers 3000㎡. Our company has been certified to ISO9001 management system, and been entitled to Jiangsu Enterprise with Trusted Quality. Our main products include MF6 series vector inverter regulator, MF30 series high frequency inverter, MC2, DK-PC80, PC40, PC24 series PLC, MH1&MH2 text panel, two-phase, three-phase and five phase stepping drivers of T2H, T3F, T3P, T5H series, and MD series AC servo drivers.
           Our products for hundreds of thousands have been applied in various fields such as machinery, textile, light industry, chemical industry, cement, coal mining, oil, bearing and transportation sections. Some are exported to India, Pakistan, Viet Nam and South Africa. We will serve customers of all fields with top-level products at favorable prices.


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